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My worst fear. Happened. It felt like I was living the nightmare. The Meltdown happened - just not in flight.... in the Atlanta airport.

Basically everything that could go wrong did. Last night we had a hard time getting the kids settled for bed. The Kuiper’s had already hit the road for their 28 hour road trip back to Minnesota so there was 2 air mattresses and 3 suitcases in their house. That’s it. So structure or routine wasn’t a thing - which is why the kids were wired & full of energy. Normally I don’t care especially during summer months or on vacation but we had a 6am flight to catch the next day. They finally fell asleep by about 10pm and Dean & I followed by about 11pm just to be up by 3am. On 4 hours of sleep we hit the road to Ft Myers airport to find out at 5:45am our plane is delayed until 11am. Then until 12pm. Then until 1pm. Missing our connecting flight in Atlanta and forcing us to take the 6pm flight home to KC. This resulted in spending 8 hours in the Ft Myers airport and 4 hours in Atlanta.
In all honesty the kids did great considering we didn’t make it home until 9pm. That’s a 18 hour travel day. It consisted of sleeping on the floor at the Ft Myers airport for 2 hours, a huge meltdown in the Atlanta airport (even I started bawling WITH them)... people stare & judge your parenting based of 1 moment in time. It’s ridiculous because those people don’t know your story. Don’t know what your kids have been thru. I got thru it by reminding myself of that. “Kelsey, they don’t know the entire story.” Thankfully all flights the kids stayed quiet, played games, played with the dollar tree toys or slept.
All in all, I’m proud of my kids and how well they traveled. I’m tired & grumpy at 33 years old because of the situation.... so I can’t imagine at the age of 2. We focused on the positive of being with our little family, looked back at our incredible 10 days in Naples and remember to focus on things we can control. We can’t control plane delays. We did our best... flashed the peace sign✌???? to the people rolling their eyes and our family stuck together because we are TEAM SHACKLEY.
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You've had a hard time, but in the picture, sleeping with children seems so peaceful :)