Style over comfort? What to think about when choosing your travel outf…


If you’re an avid traveller, you probably have a go-to travel clothing ensemble. For some, it’s sweatpants, while others choose fashionable pieces as they always have to look on point. Lately, companies have been introducing more and more pieces of clothing designed precisely for travel. Skycop looked into some of the newest, most interesting, simply must-have travel clothes for those who find themselves hopping on and off planes on a regular basis.


Honestly, any pair of comfortable pants will do the trick and is great for travel. Many companies are on a mission to make the best product out there and become the number one choice for travellers all around the world.

Baubax, a US-based company founded in 2015, recently presented a crowdfunding campaign for the best travel pants. It became the number one most funded pants campaign in crowdfunding history, gathering over 3 million dollars from its backers. The product is said to have 15 features – from being lightweight and stain and water resistant, to having zipper pockets and odor control.


While there probably are some products designed specifically for travellers, most people agree that the best option for travel t-shirts is the ones made from merino wool.

Merino wool is an excellent insulator, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer, it’s absorbent, dries rather quickly. And, unlike other types of wool, it’s not itchy.

Some travellers choose design over material. A few years ago, a t-shirt design by Iconspeak went viral. The shirt allowed people to communicate without words as the design incorporated various icons of common places or items, such as an icon for bus, Wi-Fi, toilet etc. The company has a line for world icons that are universal in all countries, and a cities’ collection adapted to individual cities, like Paris, Rome and Tokyo, that additionally have icons of the main tourist attractions.


The before-mentioned Baubax also offers jackets with an impressive number of pockets, a built-in travel pillow and a sleeping mask. ScotteVest – whose slogan is “It’s not rocket science, It’s pocket science” – is also on the wave – the company focuses on the ability for travellers to carry as much of their stuff on themselves to eliminate the need for a separate bag.


Footwear is incredibly important while traveling. While for some holidays mean lying on the beach or next to a pool, many spend days on their feet, walking around beautiful new places.

Choosing the right shoes highly depends on what your holiday will consist of. Will you be walking around Paris? Comfortable and light sneakers should do the trick. Heading out for a hike in Austrian mountains? Well, your best choice is to get some waterproof hiking shoes. Are you planning on spending your days at hot and sunny Portugal, but don’t plan on walking too much? Sandals it is.


While this might sound funny, avid travellers should not forget about socks. People who are planning on walking long distances and wearing shoes for long hours should think about what socks are the best for their situation. Maybe you should invest in a pair of compression socks that promote circulation and prevent swelling during long walks.

The clothing might not be the most important part of traveling, but it can surely help you enjoy your trip even more. But if a flight to your destination gets cancelled, delayed or overbooked, get in touch with Skycop and get your flight compensation of up to 600 euros!