Accumulating compensation claims against Ryanair reach €53 million


It’s been more than a month since Ryanair has messed up in the planning of pilot holidays and in turn cancelled around 20 thousand flights affecting more than half a million of its passengers. Yet despite EU law defending air travellers’ rights, the carrier has chosen to ignore thousands of the afflicted. Accumulating EU261 compensation claims has caught the sight of legal authorities. The UK CAA has requested a meeting with Ryanair to discuss the ongoing concerns around further carrier’s actions complying with the EU regulation, but Ryanair sent no response on how it’s going to cover up to €53 million debts in compensations.

The piling up compensation claims is not the only issue, though. Passengers have been noted to complain about Ryanair failing to respond to the cancellations giving no information at all about what to do next after the flight is cancelled. For instance, thousands of stranded passengers have got text messages to check their e-mails for further details, but travellers claim that no e-mails have been sent. Even more, it has become impossible to get in touch with the airline, since Ryanair shut down its call canter and live chats.

The UK CAA has instructed Ryanair to help passengers choose the most suitable option and inform about their entitlement to a retour, reimbursement and moral compensation. Instead Ryanair has chosen to deceive their passengers with cheap compensation alternatives and defame legal firms fighting for air passenger rights blaming them for taking the 25% commission fee.

Instead of turning to aviation professionals, Ryanair has encouraged passengers to contact the airline directly with their compensation claims. What they have never mentioned though is the fact that, according to the statistics, claims that are taken straight to the carrier have only 5% chance to be successful. Taken that Ryanair has already received allegations for not meeting the obligations to thousands of its clients, the chance of getting the pay up is even lower.

Aviation professionals and some lawyers argue that accumulating compensation claims might be taken to court together and treated as a class action. „Stranded passengers can either fight independently or join their counterparts. Those fighting individually should consider the material and moral damage, than decide for the rightful compensation amount and calculate the possible court fees. In contrast, when taking the case to the court as a group travellers have higher chances of winning the case, as the professional lawyers can get a large enough compensation debt to make it worthwhile to prove the airlines offences and stop the illegal practice,“ says Motieka and Audzevicius partner Giedrius Kolesnikovas.

International platform fighting for passengers’ claims could not wait any longer for Ryanair to respond and contacted Irish CAA as well as other Irish customer right’s agencies by encouraging them to make Ryanair respond to the numerous consumer  enquiries and  hundreds of compensation claims. “By now we are doing everything what’s in our hands to fight for the passengers that have turned to us for help in getting their compensations. We are ready to do everything what it takes and more to make Ryanair pay. We are well aware of current law practices and the potential of class action. But, above all, we hope that the carrier will respond without the legal intervention, ” explains the CEO of SKYCOP, Marius Stonkus.

Have you experienced any flight disruptions while flying Ryanair? Maybe you had your flight delayed or cancelled while travelling with some other airline? Don’t worry – you can still claim up to €600 in compensation.